hello! a new idea i've been thinking of

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been blogging, and I thought I'd send a new update. I've been thinking of an idea, and I'd love to get some input on it!

 Although I've loved blogging, I'm hoping to create something more permanent and polished: an online magazine.

The basic idea of this magazine will be some sort of fusion of Local Wolves, Teen Vogue, and Rookie Mag - a bit on the indie side, but still relatable to a wide audience, and a bit mainstream, but not focused on the Kardashians.

There definitely are lots of magazines similar to this out there, but I'm thinking this one will be different, as the goal is to be biweekly or weekly (with enough staff). With the speed at which we receive information, it doesn't make sense to wait a month, when pop culture and the fashion world are completely different again.

It'll be a huge undertaking, so I'm looking for anyone who might be interested on joining me in creating this, whether it be as a regular team member, or someone who contributes articles and photos once in a while.

Shoot me an email at angeeleena34@gmail.com for more details (I've got a whole Google Doc typed up)!

See you guys in October - probably working on monthly posts from now on.


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