you wanna be on top? + zaful review

Yes, I just ripped off the America's Next Top Model theme song. But it's almost all I've been watching the last few weeks - why are the bad shows so addicting?

While my IQ hasn't increased from hours of TyTy tips and "tooching", an upside is how inspired I've felt. Seeing all the different shoots and challenges the models go through has helped me come up with ideas for my own shoots, which I've been slacking off on for the longest time.

Slowing down
Photography is something I've been doing for a long time, but I never had as many real accomplishments as I'd hoped for. While I did make a good amount of revenue with it as a side business, my end game is working with clothing companies, established models, and growing my Instagram following.

It's slowly happening; I'm putting ads back up on Craigslist to meet up with people, posting regularly on my Instagram, and jotting down editorial ideas when they come to mind.

I do want to be on top, and I'm gonna make it happen.

Hopefully my determination lasts a little longer than usual (~1 day)!

Zaful review
Thank you to the Zaful team for sending me this lovely, dreamy, red dress.I’d been eyeing something similar to this from Free People, but couldn’t justify the price - story of my life.

Shipping time was average, it arrived in about 2 weeks of placing my order. I’d also chosen a floral, ruffled dress, but unfortunately, this one was much too sheer to wear as anything other than a coverup, and was not my size either. I always recommend checking the size chart when ordering from Asian retailers especially, but items that aren’t adjustable can be difficult.

Quality was better than expected, the dress wasn’t sheer and seams were finished well. Now I just need an event to wear it to!

What do you want to be "on top" for? How do you keep yourself inspired? Guilty TV show pleasures?


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