12 gratitudes with sammydress

July has been really, really good so far. Not sure whether I've been cashing out my good karma, or something about my horoscope, but it's just been one great thing after the other!

I thought I'd repay the universe by sharing what those have been:

1 | I spent a lovely day in San Francisco with some friends I hadn't seen in a while. We found an adorable, although expensive, coffee shop to sit in for a while.

2 | Read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. Cried a lot. Watched the movie. Cried even more.

3 | Halfway to hitting my goal of clearing out 80% of my closet. Sold a couple of bundles to some sweet girls!

4 | Scored very well on an Art History exam - validating the hundreds of flashcards I made.

5 | Finally received my license! My examiner was the kindest and most understanding person; we chatted the whole time about dogs, and she really calmed me down.

6 | Stumbled upon some really cute clothes on sale - snagged them immediately of course!

7 | Was able to find $10 parking for Carmen at the SF Opera. Ended up being late though, and had to stand in the back for the first two acts - 85 minutes in heels!

9 | Found a local ceramics class for affordable classes, planning on making some cute vases!

10 | Started listening to podcasts while at the gym, especially Serial and 99% Invisible.

11 | Took advantage of Spotify's $.99 Premium trial. No regrets and no scary commercials to startle me while I'm showering!

12 | Am still interacting and talking with lovely people through the blog <3

Sammydress Review
I've already worked with Sammydress in the past, but this time, the quality of the clothing seemed better! It fits as pictured on the model, and though the seams weren't perfect, they don't seem in danger of falling apart either. The fit and shape remind me of something from Revolve.

Shipping as usual, is a bit slow, but the items arrived in decent shape. The website is easy to navigate, though the wide variety of images can create a bit of an illegitimate feel.

Customer service was manageable, sometimes a bit difficult to explain throughly.

Until next time (with a break from sponsored material ;))

What's been good in your life lately? How do you feel about sponsored content? What's your favorite brand to work with/in general?


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