life lately: june

Every month, I collect photos I really like, but just don't seem significant enough to receive their own post. Introducing my month in photos, a collection of small moments that will "hopefully" turn into a unique snapshot I can look back on in a few years. 

I have an obsession with taking pictures of my friends' eyes. A lot of them have amazing, colored eyes, with different shades inside, and I just get so jealous of them. You always want what you can't have right? 

When it gets hot in the car, my dog likes having her own seat. So she'll crawl off our laps and onto the front seat, where she'll stay until someone else needs it. Then she'll wander back onto my lap, very reluctantly though. 

The last weekend before school ended, we took a trip up North. One night, while walking off a very large spaghetti dinner, we saw this amazing vineyard. The sun had set a while ago, but there was still enough light that the mountains in the back were illuminated

I love how it looks like they're watercolors. The picture captures the mood and feeling I had there pretty well. 

During testing, our school gives out free food, with an emphasis on the healthy. I was pretty tired, and a little kooky from studying, so we decided to take a fun picture with the food!

Recently, I've been doing photoshoots for more people, and I was asked to photograph these two for their three year anniversary

It was lots of fun, though I didn't have any inspiration from beforehand, and it was a little awkward. You can read my post about my first time experience shooting couples, and tips for making it go smoother here (coming soon)!

For a friend's birthday, we went to a hill around sunset. It was so nice out, and I love how the lighting gets around this time.

There was also a cake, which was just to die for. It was one of those moments I really wish I could bake. As Julia Child said, "A party without cake is just a meeting". Words to live by!

I spent an afternoon making cute frosted sugar cookies - I'm really proud of them since I haven't baked in at least 2 years. Stay tuned for a post about these as well!

I hung out with one of my closest friends at the beach, and took a ton of photos, as you guys have probably already noticed - (dressing classy at the beach, and one striped top, two ways) I also made a video here

Although I do have some more moments, they're more like ones I looked up and casually noticed. You can see those on my VSCO grid here

What are some highlights of June for you guys? What are you looking forward to next month? Should I continue this series?




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