what to wear for a beach day

Beach days are my favorite thing to do when the weather finally gets warm enough. I've never actually swam in the ocean, but just tanning in the sun with a bowl full of watermelon brings the best summer memories. It hasn't gotten warm enough here quite yet, but so soon.

To hopefully usher in the warm weather faster, here's an outfit I wore last time to the beach.

I adore circle sunglasses because they're something different from Wayfarers and aviators. They're just the perfect amount of edge to compliment the more feminine pieces, but they also work great with neutrals and more urban outfits. I got these from Forever21. 

I borrowed my friend's romper from Wet Seal, but I've seen this style everywhere. The blue is bright without being neon, and there's a tie at the waist so it fits any size. When the temperature dipped later at night, I wore an oatmeal cardigan layered over it. For fancier events, you could easily dress it up with a black blazer and heels. 

Basically any hairstyle works well with this romper. I started off in a bun, then took it down for loose waves and pinned it back. I wanted to show off my shoulders more and put it up in a ponytail, which complimented my waves well. 

My favorite thing about going to beaches in the spring or fall is that there are barely any people. It's still warm enough to make it by, and you can actually get a decent spot on the beach with more than 2 feet away from the next person. 

I'd always recommend staying for the sunset at the beach - look at the colors! There were also lots of little bonfires, but I didn't any great photos of those. From far away, they looked like mini stars. 

We also tried out light painting. I think it worked out pretty well. We used the flashlight function on iPhones. You just have to remember every light pattern shows up, even if you go fast. It'll just show up thinner. I would definitely suggest trying this - you don't even need to be at the beach, you can just turn off the lights in your room. All you need is a tripod and a light. 

I'd love to hear about what you love about the beach, and if you've tried light painting before!



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